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Revealed: Your Forklift Truck’s Most Valuable Component

3rd Sep, 2018

In any forklift truck, the part that has the biggest impact on safety, performance and running costs, is also the most expensive. It's the operator.

Over the life of your forklift truck, you'll spend more on operators' wages than anything else – and with good reason. If your operation is going to be safe, efficient and productive, the driver is your most important investment.

The first thing any forklift truck should be is a good place to work – but too many managers dismiss a good cab environment as a luxury. And that's a huge mistake.

Great cab design is critical. Here's why:

1.  Boosting productivity

When your drivers are uncomfortable, it's a big distraction – and they tire more quickly, too. That lack of focus reduces performance, while increasing the risk of accidents.

2.  Eliminating strain

Strain-related injuries suffered by drivers can have long-term impact on their health. The neck, shoulders, upper back and forearms are all particularly susceptible, mainly through overstretching for levers and excessive cab vibration.

3. Reducing damage

Visibility is a factor in up to 80% of accidents, so look for a cabin that design that gives clear, wide open views all around – as well as a high vision mast, of course.


Above: four out of five accidents have visibility as a factor.

Good ergonomics helps here, too. Obviously, a tired or distracted driver is not going to be at their sharpest – and that makes accidents more likely. Since two-thirds of forklift accident victims are colleagues on foot, helping the driver to focus makes work safer for everyone.

But reducing accident risk doesn't just protect your workforce. If it happens often enough, minor damage to trucks, racking and stock can quickly add up to a huge – and largely uninsured – expense.

4. Protecting limbs

Working in very tight and confined spaces, it is vital to consider the space within a reach truck's compartment to ensure it is big enough to protect your driver.