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Second-hand trucks: Used and abused?

30th Nov, 2020
Our Forklift Briefing readers have asked us to cover one topic more than any other – guidance on buying a used forklift. If you are one of those who requested this article, please let us know how you get on! When to buy used Right now, there are some very attractive deals on used equipment – but it’s also a very good time to buy new, so you need to be extra careful to get the best overall deal. Like buying a used car, the seller may ...

How the pandemic will affect energy transition

27th Nov, 2020
After a virtual exchange on the topic of 'The First Defence: Demand-Side Management' on Jun 18, 2020, organizer and host Climate Action caught up with Yasushi Fukuizumi, Vice President of Energy Systems at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), to discuss whether the pandemic will aid or hinder the transition to cleaner technologies. Q. Yasushi, it was a pleasure to have you join us for the digital event. What would you say the main takeaway was from the sess...

Planes, trains & ships: hydrogen’s role in transport

25th Nov, 2020
When the general public hears about hydrogen, it is usually in reference to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). And while sales of these vehicles are predicted to rise, hydrogen is actually forecast to have a far greater impact on long-haul freight, shipping, public transportation, and potentially aviation, where the limited range and efficiency of the batteries used in battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) are unsuitable. Hydrogen's potential as an e...

New battery technology pays for itself

24th Nov, 2020
Simply switching over to electric power can deliver substantial savings, so much so that we often take this energy source for granted. But there are some additional technological advancements out there.   We've spoken to some of the industry's leading manufacturers of forklift batteries, chargers and systems to find out about how these innovations deliver tangible rewards to your business. A newcomer to the marketplace Perhaps the most excitin...

Batteries and chargers: it’s crucial to buy smart

18th Nov, 2020
Is buying an intelligent charger worth the outlay? Do cheap batteries save money in the long run? In trying to achieve the lowest possible purchase price, it’s easy to overlook the importance of specifying the optimum battery for your application… and then matching it with the right charger. A poor match can dramatically shorten your battery’s operating life. A good one could cut your energy bills by as much as 30% - and that’s ...

Advice for young engineers: Embrace the green-tech evolution

9th Nov, 2020
I’m often asked what advice I would give to young engineers starting their career − and my answer is to embrace green-tech. The growth of this sector makes it an exciting time to join it, with so many opportunities to become part of building a more sustainable future. Choosing a career is one of the most difficult decisions we each face when starting out. Ahead of you stretches a future filled with unknowns: about your chosen field, how it wil...

5 Factors That Will Enable A Hydrogen Society

5th Nov, 2020
In 1792, William Murdoch, an engineer with the company Boulton & Watt, switched on the lights in his home in Cornwall, in southwest England, and made history. He was the first person to use piped ‘coal gas’ for residential lighting. The fuel, also known as ‘town gas,’ consisted of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.  More than 200 years later, the world is coming full circle: Countries around the globe are putting their leg...

The growing problem of larger operators

3rd Nov, 2020
Over the last few decades people have been getting bigger, and that includes fork lift operators. But are forklift designers including that in their calculations? Over the last few decades people have been getting bigger, and that includes fork lift operators. But are forklift designers including that in their calculations? A changing population means an on-going need to redefine what we think of as ‘the norm’ in the workplace. Forty years...

Turbo Myths

28th Oct, 2020
  Source : https://www.turbocharger.mtee.eu/turbo-myths/

Mousetrap deaths now top workplace killer

27th Oct, 2020
How one simple step can avoid tragedy in your firm Recent studies by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) make grim reading for forklift operators. Tipping accidents are confirmed as one of the biggest causes of fatal accidents in the workplace. In almost all of these cases, the driver was ‘mousetrapped’ between the truck and the ground, causing massive trauma to the head or upper body. But it need not be like this. ...

How a good maintenance contract will save you money

26th Oct, 2020
Forklifts, like most things, can decline over time with regular use. This aging and deterioration effects more than safety on site. It can also lead to unplanned breakdowns and disruptions which reduce your ability to work efficiently and productively. Sure, good warranties and adhering to the recommended service intervals will keep forklifts longer in good shape, but you want them like that also when they’re older. The cost of overlooking maintenan...

A new pallet stacker could be the best alternative to a used forklift

23rd Oct, 2020
When the time comes for companies to replace their aging forklifts, they often look for a second-hand truck in good condition. While there’s every chance that the used truck may be perfectly fine, is it always the best choice for your application? It’s often the case that the company hasn’t really thought about how the machine is actually being used day-to-day. Ideally, they’d look at how often it’s being used and in what sit...

Turbocharger versus Supercharger

21st Oct, 2020
It is easy to get confused about the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger. Basically, they do the same thing. They both feed compressed air to the combustion engine so that the engine becomes more powerful, so-called Forced induction. But the source of the power is what makes a supercharger and a turbocharger completely different from each other. A supercharger is directly connected to the engine crank shaft by a belt and pulls its ene...

The future of manufacturing, short-term challenges need a long-term view

14th Oct, 2020
We live in turbulent times: trade wars between major world powers, the rise of populism, and more local issues such as Brexit in the UK create an uncertain landscape for many manufacturers. While these challenges have a very real impact on business, often disrupting long-established operations and integrated supply chains, tomorrow’s manufacturing will be shaped by companies that take a long-term view. This need for perspective was discussed among ...

Electric or IC engine which is right for your site

13th Oct, 2020
Whether you're looking for your first forklift truck or looking to replace an existing truck, choosing the right type can be daunting. And the fact that - as in all industries - the technological, legislative and environmental issues can change doesn't make your decision any easier. What will help, though, is our easy-to-follow guide on whether an electric or an IC truck best serves your purpose. When deciding between an electric and an IC truck, the key ...