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COUNTERFEIT Aren’t Always This Easy To Spot

11th Oct, 2021
Choosing a non-genuine air filter may seem like it’s saving you money until you realize you may pay a big penalty in your business. TAP THE SPEAKER ICON FOR AUDIO

Faster than a start-up: Technology transformation at MHI

8th Oct, 2021
This article was previously published in our newsletter, if you're not already a subscriber, sign up here. When I was appointed as Chief Technology Officer of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in April 2020, I was given a clear mandate: to transform MHI Group's technological foundation in order to lay the basis for future growth. Very often, when companies talk about technological transformation, they really mean replacing jobs and cutting costs, or...

How Electrofuels Create Another Route To Net Zero

1st Oct, 2021
Transportation is responsible for nearly a quarter of the world’s direct carbon emissions from fuel combustion, which must be reduced to meet climate targets. While sales of emissions-free electric vehicles are increasing, decarbonizing hard-to-electrify sectors like shipping, trucking and aviation remains a challenge. But electrofuels could offer a way to decarbonize heavy transportation, as a net zero drop-in replacement for traditional ...

Hydrogen: The Answer to Future Energy Needs?

9th Sep, 2021
Hydrogen is fast approaching a tipping point. Its potential as a fuel has long been acknowledged. And now, as the world races to limit the effects of global warming, its promise as an emission-free energy carrier is being rediscovered. With hydrogen, we could decarbonize transport, heating systems and industrial processes – areas of energy use that are currently difficult to make green through renewable electricity. And it is being championed by b...

Are hand pallet trucks putting your business at risk?

20th Aug, 2021
Q: How safe are your hand pallet trucks? A: You might well be breaking the law! Does your company use hand pallet trucks? If so, you could easily be falling foul of the law… Independent research suggests that moving a load of just 500kg could put you the wrong side of official guidelines. Worse still, government figures confirm that anyone using a hand pallet truck runs a much greater risk of injury than previously thought. In this short report ...

Drive up your productivity, not your costs

6th Aug, 2021
Watch your weight. If the total weight of the truck, including load, exceeds 10% on the rear axle, your operators can work with more confidence. Interested in boosting productivity without having to invest in the most powerful and expensive equipment? Expert re searchers explain the crucial factors to look out for. Surely good acceleration and high top speeds are the deciding factors when it comes to high productivity in forklifts? Surprisingly, the an...

Mitsubishi and Iberdrola to develop green hydrogen projects

30th Jul, 2021
Spanish power company Iberdrola is working with car maker Mitsubishi’s power business to develop green hydrogen and battery energy storage projects. Mitsubishi Power said on Thursday (20 May) it has signed a collaboration agreement with Iberdrola that will see the two companies create new teams to develop green hydrogen production facilities, battery storage systems and electrified heat production facilities. Ken Kawaii, Mitsubishi Power’s pr...

Cutting corners places lives at risk

23rd Jul, 2021
Workplace accidents cost European businesses more than 384 million Euros each week. But, as companies of all shapes and sizes strive for maximum impact with minimum outlay, experts are concerned that the current focus on saving money could lead some managers to cut corners when it comes to safety: putting lives at risk. Counting the true cost A staggering 4.5 million serious accidents already occur in European workplaces annually, claiming the lives o...

Are your warehouse trucks working for you?

16th Jul, 2021
Need extra-flexible goods handling? Four-way reach trucks, for example, operate in four directions. These workhorses are especially suitable for long, bulky good such as boards, planks and pipes. When it comes to picking the right warehouse truck, your choice is influenced by how much you want to lift, how high you want to lift it, how far you want to travel and how much space you have to work in. Our simple guide should help you pinpoint the truck type...

Reinventing the train

1st Jun, 2021
Try to picture the transport of the future, and you might imagine driverless cars, jet packs or even teleportation. But how about the humble train? While firmly rooted in the past as one of the key drivers of the industrial revolution, trains also have an extremely important place in our future – and we can expect to see a lot more of them. Megacity transport The number of megacities – cities with over 10 million people – has risen from...

Is poor visibility putting your business at risk?

31st May, 2021
Why forklift pros put visibility first.. When it comes to purchasing a new truck, it is operator visibility that tops most forklift buyers’ wish lists. Indeed, in a recent pan-European study, 62 per cent of respondents named operator visibility as the most critical factor in their truck buying decision – ahead of reliability, stability and operating costs. And for good reason, too. During forklift operations, operators rely on their vision...

The costs and dangers of RSI

27th May, 2021
Fatal and life-changing forklift accidents may grab the headlines… but longer term injuries affect countless workers every day… Repetitive strain injuries are most often associated with workers using computers or pneumatic drills but upper limb disorders affecting forklift operators are costing businesses many thousands of Euros hours every year. It’s probably not the first thing you consider when selecting a new forklift but with RSI...

Multiple pathways to a carbon neutral world

25th May, 2021
We welcome the increasingly ambitious climate pledges being made by governments around the world. However, no single solution will be enough for humanity to reach the global target of net zero emissions by 2050. Instead, we will have to tread multiple pathways in order to reach this challenging goal. The good news is that whatever path a particular customer chooses, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group will almost certainly have products, technology and...

The growing problem of larger operator

24th May, 2021
Over the last few decades people have been getting bigger, and that includes fork lift operators. But are forklift designers including that in their calculations? Over the last few decades people have been getting bigger, and that includes fork lift operators. But are forklift designers including that in their calculations? A changing population means an on-going need to redefine what we think of as ‘the norm’ in the workplace. Forty years...

Crash testing is not for dummies

21st May, 2021
When two family cars, both the same make and model but made 17 years apart, went head to head in a crash safety test, the results showed just how far car safety has come. The 1998 model received less than half a point out of a possible 16 points, with sensors showing that passengers would have sustained serious head, chest and leg injuries. The 2015 model scored 13 points out of 16, and passengers would have walked away with minor injuries at worst. The r...