Purchase Options

What is the best way to acquire your truck?

Whether yours is a small company or a multi-national organization, we can create innovative financial solutions to give you the equipment you need on terms that match your circumstances.

  • 1 Outright purchase
    Mitsubishi models retain a higher residual value than those of other manufacturers, thanks to their exceptional build quality and reliability, making them a good choice for outright purchase.
  • 2 Short-Term Rental or hire
    We offer many flexible options for use of our products on a hire or rental basis. We can prepare contracts for anything from a single day to five years or longer. You can take one machine on a single site or a fleet at many different locations – we are fully equipped to deal with every eventuality.

Our contract hire packages keep your costs down because we take responsibility for the residual value of the machines and for obtaining tax advantages. All you have to do is pay a simple, low, fixed rate, which covers both the finance and the maintenance of the equipment – which makes life very easy for you, the customer.

  • 3 Long-Term Leasing
    Leasing is a way of spreading the capital cost of your new equipment – and at the same time gaining tax advantages. There are two main leasing options. In the first, you will ultimately become the owner of the machines. In the second, you lease them for an agreed period and then choose either to terminate the agreement or to continue it for a small rental charge.

And there’s more…

Do you have a special business or an unusual problem? We can design a flexible financial solution to deal with just about any situation. For example, we can arrange the facility for you to exchange or return part of your fleet to meet your changing needs. We are also usually able to take your existing truck in part exchange against a new Mitsubishi, regardless of make.