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5 most common forklift problems

 3rd Oct, 2023

How to extend your forklift's service life and prevent downtime? Faulty steering can make a forklift difficult to control, potentially causing accidents or damage to goods. Worn-out steering such as tie rods, ball joints or improper alignment can cause the forklift to steer unevenly or become difficult to control. Please click the...

The challenges of working with reach trucks at height

 22nd Apr, 2022

Three tips for retaining productivity at 11 metres
Most forklifts drive around in conventional warehouses where pallet racking is up to 4 metres high. In those applications, warehouse managers prefer to use short trucks that can be used in narrower aisles, as this optimum use of space helps to improve storage...

Hydrogen: The Answer to Future Energy Needs?

 9th Sep, 2021

Hydrogen is fast approaching a tipping point. Its potential as a fuel has long been acknowledged. And now, as the world races to limit the effects of global warming, its promise as an emission-free energy carrier is being rediscovered. With hydrogen, we could decarbonize transport, heating systems and industrial processes – areas...

Drive up your productivity, not your costs

 6th Aug, 2021

Watch your weight. If the total weight of the truck, including load, exceeds 10% on the rear axle, your operators can work with more confidence.

Interested in boosting productivity without having to invest in the most powerful and expensive equipment? Expert researchers explain the crucial factors to look out for.     Surely good...

Mitsubishi and Iberdrola to develop green hydrogen projects

 30th Jul, 2021

Spanish power company Iberdrola is working with car maker Mitsubishi’s power business to develop green hydrogen and battery energy storage projects. Mitsubishi Power said on Thursday (20 May) it has signed a collaboration agreement with Iberdrola that will see the two companies create new teams to develop green hydrogen production facilities,...