SUPERIOR traction with a simple touch

Introducing the preeminent award winner for the red dot innovative design, the MLIFT PBP15E is an excellent choice poised for its unparallel nimble performance to replace the conventional manual operated hand pallet truck. Confident to handle load capacity that weighs up to 1.5 Tonnes, the PBP15E aims to increase productivity and at the same time, relieve the operator from long hours work fatigue.

The PBP15E is designed to operate efficiency in narrow aisles and built to last much longer operational hours with an aim in mind to achieve higher throughput cycles while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Be spoilt for more customizable benefits that allow you to DELIVER with style and comfort!

Standard Battery Discharge Indicator

  • LED display of the truck status Battery level, On/Off status, Running Hours and Fault Code
  • Automatically cuts off lift function if the battery level hits 20% or below

Easy Maintenance and Serviceability

  • 10 minutes drive tire replacement effort via quick release of the six lock nuts to access the drive system
  • Uncomplicated procedure to replace batteries
  • Quick plug in fault diagnostic CURTIS operated system helps to diagnose and resolve fault symtoms and reduce the overall truck downtime

Standard Built-in Charger

  • 10Amp charger designed for convenient onboard charging suitable to be deployed on the trailer ends
  • Temperature indicator indicates the charging status of the battery to prevent batteries from being overcharged
  • Include 2 X12V / 65Ah* maintenance free batteries *Upgrade option is available for bigger battery size up to 85Ah

Enhanced Security

  • Exclusive pin-code entry limits any unauthorized usage

Ergonomic Handling

  • DC operated truck with full electric lifting/lowering and traction
  • Multifunctional electronic control handle enhance operator confidence to operate the truck with ease

KEY productivity Options:

  • Enclosed drive wheels with casters protects drive wheels from damage and enhanced travel stability
  • 75mm low profile forks for low profile pallet entry
  • Digital weighing scale
  • Automatic speed reduction upon cornering
  • Pattern profile drive tire to enhance grip on wet surface
  • Pallet entry assists rollers

Side Stabilizer

  • To counterbalance side swaying movement upon cornering or traveling on an uneven terrain
  • Capacity: 1.5t
  • Model: