Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks introduces seven narrow aisle trucks

5th Jun, 2020

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks introduces seven narrow aisle trucks
With the addition of a family of narrow-aisle trucks — ELEViA — the award-winning warehouse range from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is now even more comprehensive.
Built for spaces with very narrow aisles (VNA), ELEViA consists of seven man-up models ranging from 1.1–2.0 tonnes.
And since needs can change greatly from warehouse to warehouse, each ELEViA is fully optimised for a particular type of application, but the modular design makes it easy for the trucks to be adapted to customer-specific needs.
1.1–1.3 tonne models are available with 48v or 80v systems, while larger models are 80v only.
High and mighty
In existing warehouses, space is often at a premium and a high-priority factor that can play into a company’s profitability.
And for new warehouse projects there are considerations for how to maximise the storage efficiency of the site with regards to the height of racking and number of aisles etc.
With lifting heights of up to 19m, ELEViA really is a step up from the competition, and allows you to make even greater use of the available space. Each model is available with a duplex mast for all lifting heights, offering high lifting speed and greater stability. As has become a staple of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks products, the masts all offer excellent forward visibility for the operator for safer working and more productive working.
Complete control
The comfortable and spacious operator compartment has ample legroom for operators of all sizes, a cushioned floor and multiple seating options. The series is built for high productivity throughout long shifts.
A choice of control consoles is available, including twist controls, joystick controls and a split console. This makes it easy to tailor each truck to a wide choice of operator styles. No matter the console used, all are highly intuitive and simple to understand with large clear displays.
The control panels can be placed for standing or sitting operation and tilting consoles swivel either left or right to give easier front access for order picking.
Optional tilting sidegates make order picking even easier as operators can reach up to 20cm further into the shelving.