I came from the Trading Industry and had purchased Mitsubishi forklift trucks from New Ashford International (Pvt) Ltd. These forklift trucks models which I have been using since year 2008 are FB15CA, FB20CA, and FB25CA.

The specific features which I like most about the trucks are Slight Shifting Facility, High Mounted Rear Combinations Lamp and Drum Brakes which gives reliable breaking power. They have provided maximum service for my warehouse operational activities making work faster and efficiently.


Furthermore, the reasons why I had chosen Mitsubishi forklifts trucks ahead of other brands are:

  • Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks are quality built and offer excellent pricing. So the bottom line in owning a Mitsubishi Forklift makes good dollars and sense.
  • Ability to enjoy the best return on the company investment.
  • Fully supported Maintenance Schedule and Serviceability are helping to keep our forklifts in top operating condition which can result in longer equipment life ultimately.


Overall, I am satisfiedwith my purchased of the Mitsubishi forklifts and will recommend to my colleagues, friends and business associates as:

  • Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks plays a central role in material handling applications that primarily operate indoors and on smooth surface.
  • It is built to accommodate a broad array of industries, these forklifts more diverse loads including bulky materials. (Palletized finished goods)
  • Further this is especially beneficial for material handling applications requiring longer travel distances.
Chathurika Prasadi Indrasiri | Crown City Developers (Pvt) Ltd