Stability & Intuitive User Interface

The main advantage compared to its competitors is the extremely stable mast and the intuitive user interface. It plays out its strengths in smaller volume order picking as well as the retail environment. NO3E will reduce injuries in the work place and increase the efficiency in the warehouse.


With its low self-weight and compact design it was designed for narrow aisles as well as the retail environment. The all new, NO3E will increase safety and efficiency wherever goods have to be picked or stored in shelves and racks. Work injuries during maintenance work in larger heights can be reduced compared to ladders due to the high stability, the possibility to reposition while man up and the large driver & storage compartment.


With its two-hand operation and several safety sensors, the NO3E ensures a safe and ergonomic working environment for the driver and everyone around him. The mini drive wheel is intuitive and allows inexperienced drivers to operate the truck safely after a short introduction. Featured with documents holder and mug holder for operator's well being.

  • Compact and flexible
  • Durable driving system and Small turning radius
  • Solid mast structure and stable chassis design
  • Safety switches and Slop alarm
  • Safety gate locked automatically once lifting
  • High efficiency hydraulic system and comfortable drive
  • Capacity: 0.3t
  • Model: