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Pedestrian, Power Pallet Truck 1.6-2.0 ton

This series starts with the PBP16N2, which is ideal for anyone upgrading from a hand pallet truck.
The PBP series is ideal for high performance applications that are commonly used in logistic warehouse environment, goods handling at the rear of the trucks trailer as well as loading / unloading docks.
The sealed chassis and waterproof electrics resist moisture, dirt and corrosion - increasing uptime, cutting maintenance cost and prolonging truck life.

√ Automatic parking brake provide extra safety on ramp
√ Longer forks option for higher productivity
√ Programmable controller for greater versatility
√ Up to 6km/hr travel speed for both pedestrain or rider mode
√ Ergonomically shaped rubber hand grips for ease of control

  • Capacity: 1600 - 2000kg
  • Model: