4 Wheel, Pneumatic Tyre 1.0-3.0 ton

Powered by state-of-the-art AC motors, these compact four wheel electrics offer the strength and speed of a diesel but without the noise and emissions. Their combination of high performance, manoeuvrability and ergonomic design delivers exceptional productivity in every situation.

√ Choices of ECONOMY or POWER modes to meet different operating needs
√ STD travel interlock system for added protection
√ Ergonomic designed compartment with compact chassis to manouevre in narrow aisles
√ State of the art power saving technology through AC energy regeneration system
√ Variation of different chassis models to operate in different aisle width
√ STD soft landing function to avoid abrupt impact on loads
√ Optional rust and dust resistance protection features
√ Wider mast channels for better visibility up to 7m lift height
√ IPX3 compliant water resistant feature

  • Capacity: 1000 - 3000kg
  • Model: