December, 2020

Maximise forklifts battery life

7th Dec, 2020
Rising fuel prices and environmental concerns have encouraged many forklift owners to make the switch to electric trucks. While battery power delivers substantial savings - especially in the current financial climate - these can quickly be lost by poor battery care. A typical forklift battery is worth up to 30% of a new truck's value and offers you approximately 6,000 working hours. It is your fuel for the next five years or more... providing you look afte...
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How COVID-19 could accelerate industrial automation

4th Dec, 2020
In the movies, regardless of how bad the situation gets on screen things usually return to normal in time for a happy ending. But in the post-pandemic real world, what ‘normal’ will look like is a little less clear. One of the many likely long-term effects of the coronavirus crisis is a reassessment of how we work, and when physical presence and proximity are necessary. The need to protect employees from infection as they return to offices, fa...
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