October, 2020

The future of manufacturing, short-term challenges need a long-term view

14th Oct, 2020
We live in turbulent times: trade wars between major world powers, the rise of populism, and more local issues such as Brexit in the UK create an uncertain landscape for many manufacturers. While these challenges have a very real impact on business, often disrupting long-established operations and integrated supply chains, tomorrow’s manufacturing will be shaped by companies that take a long-term view. This need for perspective was discussed among ...
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Electric or IC engine which is right for your site

13th Oct, 2020
Whether you're looking for your first forklift truck or looking to replace an existing truck, choosing the right type can be daunting. And the fact that - as in all industries - the technological, legislative and environmental issues can change doesn't make your decision any easier. What will help, though, is our easy-to-follow guide on whether an electric or an IC truck best serves your purpose. When deciding between an electric and an IC truck, the key ...
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What sets a part apart?

9th Oct, 2020
When in the market for a forklift, how much do you consider beyond the truck itself? Purchasing or renting a lift truck is quite an investment, so protecting that investment should be high on your list of priorities. Because it’s not just about acquiring a vehicle and that being the end of it, it’s about the support and service during the machine’s lifecycle… and it’s certainly about the parts used. Efficient parts supply i...
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