August, 2020

Below the surface of Singapore lies the future of keeping cool

28th Aug, 2020
When you flick the switch on a typical air conditioning unit, you’re setting off a process that hasn’t traditionally boasted green credentials. Conventional cooling devices account for as much as 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the World Bank. It predicts that, if left unchecked, emissions from cooling will double by 2030. Cooling’s potential impact on the environment grows even starker over the longer term, as ...
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How hydrogen helps all renewables, great and small

21st Aug, 2020
The extraordinary rise of renewables is transforming the global energy sector beyond recognition. But generating this sustainable electricity is one thing… storing and transporting it is another altogether. This is why hydrogen has a vital role to play in enabling technologies like wind farms and solar power to bring about a zero-carbon future. It provides an effective means of storing surplus renewable energy, both from large-scale generators like...
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