April, 2020

Why the world needs data as much as gas and renewables

23rd Apr, 2020
Alongside a wealth of new opportunities, the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a new chapter in human history enabled by technology – will be accompanied by challenges, ranging from a growing global population to the impact of climate change. As the drive to cut carbon emissions accelerates, three fuels will power the planet’s future: renewables, natural gas, and – perhaps most surprisingly – data. Each will be of crucial import...
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The benefits of regular site surveys

22nd Apr, 2020
  Regular site surveys can help prevent accidents, improve productivity, and save money In such uncertain times, optimising resources is essential - whatever your industry. With storage, handling, and distribution accounting for as much as 90% of a total production cycle, streamlining operations offers opportunities for the greatest dividends. By pinpointing everything from damaged equipment to inefficiency, regular site inspections allow you to u...
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