Electric Counterbalenced FB_CB Press Release

29th Jun, 2020

Press Release

Singapore, 29th June 2020

Agile and adaptable: Mitsubishi FB_CB series
The latest electric counterbalance from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks offers powerful performance with outstanding options
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is legendary for its award-winning electric counterbalance trucks, and the latest addition to the range is the FB_CB series.

The incredibly nimble FB_CB series offers a choice of nine models with capabilities ranging from 1.0–2.5 tonnes. Combined with a wide array of optional features and a waterproof rating of IPX4, you have an electric truck that can drive the heart of your operations, indoors and out.
Even throughout long shifts drivers will stay comfortable in the spacious and highly ergonomic driver compartment. With a narrow dashboard, high-visibility mast, small steering wheel and optimised lever placement, all-around vision has been maximised for safety without compromising on control.

Thanks to its electric hydraulic power steering and curve control FB_CB delivers smooth turning and good lateral stability on corners, meaning less force on the load during transit.

The truck’s automatic torque up keeps travel consistent on inclines, responding as if it were driving on a flat surface.

Customise your control
FB_CB features a choice of operation modes (normal, power, and custom) which can be adjusted to match the drive characteristics to the workplace, conditions, operator's skill level and preference.

In any of these operation modes an additional ECO mode can be selected to make energy consumption even more efficient, extending working hours possible per charge (up to 11.5 hours) while reducing running costs. To further conserve energy, if the truck is left idling with no operation for 15 minutes an auto power-off comes into effect.

While the base model is highly suited to many different working situations, a wide choice of options and attachments is available, allowing the truck to be precisely specified to meet the needs of your business.
PIN code entry can be enabled at an administrator level to allow tight control over who can operate the fleet and adjust the operational characteristics.

Find out more
For more information on what the FB_CB series can do for your operations, visit https://www.mitforklift.com.sg where you can find out more about this or any of the products in the award-winning Mitsubishi range.