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How a good maintenance contract will save you money

26th Oct, 2020
Forklifts, like most things, can decline over time with regular use. This aging and deterioration effects more than safety on site. It can also lead to unplanned breakdowns and disruptions which reduce your ability to work efficiently and productively. Sure, good warranties and adhering to the recommended service intervals will keep forklifts longer in good shape, but you want them like that also when they’re older. The cost of overlooking maintenan...

A new pallet stacker could be the best alternative to a used forklift

23rd Oct, 2020
When the time comes for companies to replace their aging forklifts, they often look for a second-hand truck in good condition. While there’s every chance that the used truck may be perfectly fine, is it always the best choice for your application? It’s often the case that the company hasn’t really thought about how the machine is actually being used day-to-day. Ideally, they’d look at how often it’s being used and in what sit...

Turbocharger versus Supercharger

21st Oct, 2020
It is easy to get confused about the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger. Basically, they do the same thing. They both feed compressed air to the combustion engine so that the engine becomes more powerful, so-called Forced induction. But the source of the power is what makes a supercharger and a turbocharger completely different from each other. A supercharger is directly connected to the engine crank shaft by a belt and pulls its ene...

The future of manufacturing, short-term challenges need a long-term view

14th Oct, 2020
We live in turbulent times: trade wars between major world powers, the rise of populism, and more local issues such as Brexit in the UK create an uncertain landscape for many manufacturers. While these challenges have a very real impact on business, often disrupting long-established operations and integrated supply chains, tomorrow’s manufacturing will be shaped by companies that take a long-term view. This need for perspective was discussed among ...

Electric or IC engine which is right for your site

13th Oct, 2020
Whether you're looking for your first forklift truck or looking to replace an existing truck, choosing the right type can be daunting. And the fact that - as in all industries - the technological, legislative and environmental issues can change doesn't make your decision any easier. What will help, though, is our easy-to-follow guide on whether an electric or an IC truck best serves your purpose. When deciding between an electric and an IC truck, the key ...

What sets a part apart?

9th Oct, 2020
When in the market for a forklift, how much do you consider beyond the truck itself? Purchasing or renting a lift truck is quite an investment, so protecting that investment should be high on your list of priorities. Because it’s not just about acquiring a vehicle and that being the end of it, it’s about the support and service during the machine’s lifecycle… and it’s certainly about the parts used. Efficient parts supply i...

Turbo Explanation

30th Sep, 2020
A turbocharger is applied to make an engine more efficient, and makes it possible to “downsize” the engine to a smaller size without any loss in performance. This is why many cylinder 6 engines have become cylinder 4 engines and so forth. A smaller engine is by definition a cleaner engine so the application of turbochargers leads to reduced emissions. Nowadays it is almost impossible in the European Automotive Industry to live up to the emissio...

Hydrogen and 3 other ways to cut data center CO2 emissions

29th Sep, 2020
Few among us know or perhaps consider how the ‘cloud’ works, or how myriad other technologies make our digitally connected world operate. Yet they play a crucial role in daily life. Our world is increasingly fueled by data: harvesting it, processing it, and sharing it. And while we can’t see words, numbers, and images crisscrossing the planet, the apps we use and information we access are located in a physical space – on servers in...

Racking up the profits

22nd Sep, 2020
Think outside of the box...Double-deep stacking could increase, under certain conditions, storage density by as much as 25%. Mounting pressure from senior management towards ‘lean’ production has left many responsible for materials handling feeling themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. With fewer resources and higher demands than ever before, streamlining production is daunting (to say the least). Although no two warehouses are...

Cheap tyres - are they worth the risk?

17th Sep, 2020
Good quality tyres moved 14% more pallets in a single shift We all like a bargain... especially in tough times. The trouble is that paying less can actually cost more in the long run...Take tyres. They are all much the same, right? WRONG! In a recent, wide-ranging and rigorous study we discovered that cheap tyres affect stability and dramatically reduce productivity, making them a very poor investment. During forklift tests, our independent research te...

Protect your fleet... and your pocket

16th Sep, 2020
Follow our simple ways to stay on top of truck maintenance... You'll reduce the impact breakdowns have on productivity and keep long-term costs down. Machinery has a habit of breaking down at the least convenient moment. Nothing goes on for ever - so how can you minimize the inconvenience caused when your forklift truck decides to take an unscheduled break? To make matters worse, it's almost certain to break down when you're right in the middle of a rush...

Protect your fleet and your pocket

16th Sep, 2020
Machinery has a habit of breaking down at the least convenient moment. Nothing goes on for ever - so how can you minimise the inconvenience caused when your forklift truck decides to take an unscheduled break? To make matters worse, it's almost certain to break down when you're right in the middle of a rush order for a new client and have extra shifts booked in to cope with the demand. The following advice should at least help you to reduce the chances o...

The turbines that harness the power of typhoons

9th Sep, 2020
Typhoons hit parts of Asia every year, the most severe upending everyday life and leaving a trail of destruction. This extreme weather presents a potential barrier to the anticipated growth of offshore wind in the region. Despite being in its infancy, Asia’s offshore wind industry accounted for almost 90% of the world’s offshore wind turbine orders in 2019, driven by China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, according to a Wood Mackenzie report. But the re...

Below the surface of Singapore lies the future of keeping cool

28th Aug, 2020
When you flick the switch on a typical air conditioning unit, you’re setting off a process that hasn’t traditionally boasted green credentials. Conventional cooling devices account for as much as 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the World Bank. It predicts that, if left unchecked, emissions from cooling will double by 2030. Cooling’s potential impact on the environment grows even starker over the longer term, as ...

How hydrogen helps all renewables, great and small

21st Aug, 2020
The extraordinary rise of renewables is transforming the global energy sector beyond recognition. But generating this sustainable electricity is one thing… storing and transporting it is another altogether. This is why hydrogen has a vital role to play in enabling technologies like wind farms and solar power to bring about a zero-carbon future. It provides an effective means of storing surplus renewable energy, both from large-scale generators like...